There is hereby created and established the office of City Administrator. Such City Administrator shall be appointed by the Mayor by and with the consent of the City Council and he shall serve at the pleasure of the Council.

(Ord. 722; Code 2012)

The City Administrator shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and shall be responsible to the Mayor and Council for administration of City affairs. He or she shall exercise such responsibilities and execute such duties as are prescribed by state statue and city ordinance, and such other duties and responsibilities as may be lawfully delegated by the Mayor and/or Council.

Such prescribed and delegated responsibilities and duties shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(a)   Manage, direct, control and supervise all the administrative departments and services of the city;

(b)   Recommend to the Mayor appointments of the chief administrative departments and services of the city;

(c)   Supervise, direct and assign the duties of all appointive officers and employees;

(d)   Assist in the preparation and submission of the annual budget to the governing body and to keep the governing body fully, completely and timely advised as to the financial condition of the City and provide the basis for any annual audit;

(e)   Inform the governing body of possible grants or other benefits and of any and all changes and improvements which the administrator feels may be of benefit to the municipality;

(f)   Assist in the preparation of all forms authorized or required by the State of Federal Government;

(g)   Exercise general supervision and control over all city purchases and expenditures in accordance with the budget and such policies as may be established by the Governing Body;

(h)   Recommend to the Governing Body a schedule of salaries for all officers and employees;

(i)    Have the care and management of all City-owned land property, buildings and equipment;

(j)    Develop and prepare such short and long range planning as the Governing Body shall request and submit such planning to the Governing Body for action:

(k)   Attend all Council meetings and be permitted to participate in the discussion of items before the Council. He or she shall also attend, when necessary, the meetings of duly elected or appointed Boards and Commissions of the City and provide staff support thereto;

(l)    Make such recommendations to the Governing Body as are deemed necessary for effective administration of all city services;

(m)  Be responsible for the proper and efficient discharge of the duties of all city officers and employees;

(n)   Be accountable to the Mayor and the Governing Body for compliance with negotiated and generally accepted personnel benefits for the office of administrator;

(o)   Perform such other duties as the Governing Body may direct.

(Ord. 722; Code 2012)

It shall be the general practice of the Governing Body to issue all orders and directives to all city officers and departments and receive reports and communications therefrom through the office of the City Administrator.

(Ord. 722; Code 2012)