(a)   The following shall be and are hereby declared to be the fire limits:

(1)   Block 24 except NW ¼ 

(2)   Block 25 except NE ¼

(3)   All of block 31

(4)   All of block 32 except SE ¼

(5)   All of block 38

(6)   NW ¼ of block 39

(b)   Every building hereafter erected or enlarged within the fire limits shall be enclosed on all sides with walls constructed wholly of stone, brick, tile, terra cotta, concrete, or cement block, except as otherwise provided by this ordinance.

(c)   One story buildings having metal walls on metal supports may be built within the fire zone on the following conditions: All sides of such metal buildings which do not face a street or public way at least 30’ in width shall have reinforced fire walls at least 8” thick of stone, brick, terra cotta, concrete or concrete block. These walls shall either replace the metal walls or be located inside the metal walls and shall be firmly integrated with and connected to the building’s metal supports. Such fire walls shall extend above the roof line or be built solidly against the underside of the roof.

(d)   All metal walls facing Christian and Cole streets shall be veneered with brick, stone, tile or similar materials.

(e)   Small metal buildings not exceeding 150 square feet in area and 8’ in height may be built without the aforementioned restrictions provided they are not located within five feet of another building or property line or within 50’ of Christian or Cole streets.

(f)   No frame building shall be moved from without to within the fire limits. For the purpose of this ordinance a building shall be classed as frame when the exterior walls or portions thereof are of wood; also, a building with wooden framework veneered with brick, stone, terra cotta, tile or concrete, or covered with plaster, stucco or sheet metal shall be classed as a frame building.

(g)   Any frame building within the fire limits, which may hereafter be damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to an amount greater than 50%, exclusive of its foundation, shall not be repaired or rebuilt, but shall be removed.

(h)   All buildings erected within the fire limits shall have the roof, top and sides of all roof structures, including dormer windows and mansard roofs, covered with incombustible material. No existing wooden shingle rood within the fire limits shall be renewed or repaired with other than incombustible roof covering.

(Ord. 711; Code 2012; Ord. 915)