Monthly rates and charges for water furnished by the City of Moundridge, Kansas, through its water distribution system shall be as follows: $3.30 per 1000 gallons for the first 3,000 gallon minimum, equal to a charge of $9.90 per month; $2.03 per 1,000 gallons for the next 7,000 gallons; $3.05 per 1,000 gallons for all over 10,000 gallons.

(Ord. 736; Ord. 834; Code 2012; Ord. 905)

A monthly charge for each fire hydrant and each fire sprinkler system outside the corporate limits of the City of Moundridge connected to the city's water distribution system shall be assessed against each water customer employing such fire sprinkler system or within the service range of such fire hydrant. Such monthly charge shall be equal to the monthly minimum charge for water service as provided in section 15-201 and increased by the surcharge hereinafter provided. It shall be an integral part of the monthly charge for water service and shall be included in the customer's monthly utility statement.

(Ord. 736; Ord. 834; Code 2012)

The monthly rates and charges for water furnished to utility customers outside the corporate limits of the City of Moundridge, Kansas, shall be increased by a surcharge of 25% based on the rates and charges set forth in section 15-201. Rates charged for wholesale water to be used for the purpose of supplying a rural water district shall be negotiated in exception to this article.

(Ord. 736; Ord. 834; Code 2012)

Upon receiving the consent and approval of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and until further direction of the Governing Body, the water Department is hereby authorized and directed to provide the means and to proceed with the introduction of sufficient fluoride to raise the total fluoride concentration to a part fluoride to every million parts, in the finished water being distributed in the water supply of the City of Moundridge, as such concentration is determined and ordered from time to time by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Funds for fluoridation shall be provided from the water department funds

(Ord. 584, Code 2012; Ord. 929)

The connection charge for installing each 1 in. (or smaller) water meter service shall be, and the same is hereby fixed at $400.00. Any size larger shall be on an actual additional cost basis.

(Ord. 708; Ord. 841; Code 2012)

(a)   The Superintendent of Utilities or his designated representative shall have the right of entry during reasonable hours into any building or premises served by a connection to the public water supply of the City of Moundridge to inspect the plumbing in such building or premises as frequently as in his judgment may be necessary to insure that such plumbing has been installed in such manner as to prevent the possibility of pollution of the public water supply of the city by the plumbing. With respect to the inspection of single family dwellings, consent to such inspection shall first be obtained from a person of suitable age and discretion therein or in control thereof.

(b)   On demand, the owner, lessee or occupant of any premises inspected as provided herein, shall furnish to the inspector any information which he may request concerning the plumbing system or systems and any private, auxiliary or emergency water supply used, or available for use, on such premises. The refusal to furnish such information shall be deemed evidence of the presence of connections prohibited by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

(c)   The Superintendent of Utilities shall notify the owner, or authorized agent of the owner, of the building or premises in which the violation of the plumbing code is found, that such violation does exist and order the removal or correction of the same. If such violation constitutes a health hazard or makes possible the contamination of the public water supply, the Superintendent of Utilities may order the immediate discontinuance of service until the violation is removed or corrected. Upon failure of the owner to take corrective action water service may be terminated.

(Ord. 652; Code 2012)